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Not sure which installer to download? Check out the Installation Page for prerequisites and product details.

An x.factory librarian will run in demo mode until you purchase and enter a License Key and activate it. Prior to purchasing a license, you can run the program and load, import and manipulate data to see the potential value of the program, but you will need to purchase a license file in order to save and export data and to enable the librarian function.

You can purchase a license key using the Order License buttons. Visit the Registration and License page for details on how to enter and activate a purchased license key.

Please ensure that you are happy with our Privacy Policy before ordering, as information about your purchase will be collected during the ordering process. You may also wish to check our Refunds Policy to understand the conditions under which I will refund or transfer a license.

If you have any queries or problems during installation then please email support@xfactory-librarians.co.uk.

An x.factory Librarian License costs $40 USD, which provides a License Key that can be activated on up to three computers. The x.factory store allows you to purchase in a number of different currencies, and by different payment methods.

This cost grants you a perpetual license to use an x.factory librarian. Because I am a sole developer, writing these librarians in my spare time as and when I can, my approach to licensing and maintenance is that the licenses do not time expire, there is no annual licence fee, nor do I charge for bug fixes and upgrades. Why? Because I fit in work on the librarians when I can in a very hectic life. Therefore, please do allow time when requesting support for me to respond.

If you wish to run the Librarian on more than three computers then simply update the order quantity. E.g. if you purchase 2 licenses, you will receive a license key that can be activated on six computers.

If you wish to purchase more than one Librarian or multiple licenses then send an email to registration@xfactory-librarians.co.uk to request a 20% discount coupon before ordering.

Version Synthesizer Targets Download Order License
an.factory 2.10.02 Yamaha AN1x, AN200, PLG150-AN
ex.factory 6.11.02

Yamaha EX5, EX5R and EX7

Note, if you are a Windows User, please be aware that MIDI support in Windows 7 and above seems to be causing problems with MIDI data reception, because the EX5 by default transmits MIDI Clock, which Windows 7 and later does not seem to like. Please see the ex.factory User Manual for more details.

fc.factory 1.2.02

Roland FC300 (Patch Mode)

Note: there appears to be a bug with the FC300. Whilst you can define up to six CC strings for the internal expression pedals, only the first CC string for each pedal is transmitted over MIDI.

fs.factory 2.11.01 Yamaha FS1R
kronos.factory 1.2.02 Korg Kronos
montage.factory 1.0.02

Yamaha "Classic" Montage and MODX

Note: montage.factory is not yet compatible with the new Montage M series. Yamaha have upgraded the file format (X7U to Y2U) and whilst the Montage M can read X7U files, montage.factory cannot currently read or produce Y2U files. I need time to decode and understand the file format changes before I can produce an update that is compatible with the Montage M series.

motif.factory 3.10.02 Yamaha Motif ES Keyboard and Rack
px.factory 1.2.02

Sequential Prophet X

summit.factory 1.00.00

Novation Summit and Peak

sy.factory 3.15.03

Yamaha SY77, TG77 and SY99

Note, if you are a Windows User, please be aware that MIDI support in Windows 7 and above seems to be causing problems with MIDI data transfers of large amounts of data, such as sequencer data. Please see the sy.factory User Manual for more details.

Do you have a pre-2014 License?

Ten years on from the opening of the x.factory store and the current license scheme, I have now decided to remove support for maintaining pre-2014 program versions and licenses.

If you have a pre-2014 license and wish to migrate to the new licensing scheme, and if you have proof of the original purchase then I will offer a 50% discount on the cost of a new license.

Please get in touch by email to support@xfactory-librarians.co.uk with proof of original purchase (e.g. original license email I sent, or email address I can look up) to migrate.

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