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Refund and License Transfer Policy

This refund policy outlines my approach to product refunds. If you have any queries regarding this policy then please email support@xfactory-librarians.co.uk.

My refund policy is similar to that for "shrink wrapped" software, where if the box is unopened and still in its shrink wrap or envelopes containing media are unopened, then you may request a refund if the software license is unused.

To apply a definition of unused for download only software like x.factory librarians, this means that a purchased license key has not been activated on a computer (which registers it on the license server). If a license key has been activated then it is deemed to be used and a refund is not possible.

You can request a refund of an unactivated license be sending an email to support@xfactory-librarians.co.uk.

If your software is activated, but you no longer wish to use it, e.g. because you are selling your synth on, I am happy to arrange a transfer of license to a new user if you provide me with the details of the new user. This will cause user and license activation information for your license to be deleted, which means that you will no longer be able to activate the software.

You can request a license transfer be sending an email to support@xfactory-librarians.co.uk.