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Useful Links

Yamaha AN1x

Yamaha AN1x Yamaha page for the AN1x synth.
AN1x List Yahoo based AN1x mailing list

Yamaha DX7

Yamaha DX7 Yamaha page for the DX7 synth.
Dave Benson's DX7 Page A good collection of DX7 Resources.
Yamaha DX7 Resource Centre Another good collection of DX7 Resources.
MyAtari Magazine and the DX7 Tim has been supporting the DX7 for what appears to be eons!

Yamaha EX5

EX5Tech The number one web resource for the EX5, and one of the friendliest support sites on the Internet.
Yamaha EX5 Yamaha page for the EX5 synth.

Yamaha FS1R

Yamaha FS1R Yamaha page for the FS1R synth.
UNOFFICIAL - Yamaha FS1R A good general page relating to the FS1R
fs1r - Yamaha FS1R Synth A Yahoo Groups forum dedicated to the FS1R
fs1rusersforum ยท FS1R Users Forum A Yahoo Groups forum dedicated to the FS1R
FS1R Editor Computer Editor for the FS1R
FSEQ Edit Formant Sequence Editor for the FS1R

Yamaha Motif ES

Yamaha Motif ES Yamaha page for the Motif ES synth.
Motifator Yamaha's main support website for the Motif including support forums
MOBROS Jim Harms' Motif Web site
Playkeyz-Sound Patch libraries for the Motif ES, including a very good 80's Pop/Rock collection. Rick also offers a custom sound programming service

Yamaha SY77

Yamaha Forums UK A great and friendly site for a wide variety of Yamaha synths including the SY77.


Synth Zone A great "launch" site for all sorts of synth resources
Yamaha Forums UK A great and friendly site for a wide variety of Yamaha synths and other discussion areas such as home studio recording.
Welsh Floyd The Website for my Pink Floyd tribute band
Carreg Ddu Derek's working on this band with local singer, Carol Davies, with a vision of creating inspirational and reflective music.
Echoes The Website for my classic/progressive rock band
Split Third Studios The Website for my friend, Torus, who kindly did the graphics for this site and the splash graphics for the librarians

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