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Trello Development Status Boards

This page contains links to the x.factory Trello Boards, which, once I have it fully setup, will allow registered Trello Users the means to add comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

You will need a Trello account to participate, but signing up to Trello is free and easy.

After you have a Trello account, you will need to email me to add you as a member to the boards you are interested in. Hopefully, I'll be able to automate this later on.

x.factory Librarians General Trello Board

an.factory Trello Board

ex.factory Trello Board

fc.factory Trello Board

fs.factory Trello Board

kronos.factory Trello Board

motif.factory Trello Board

px.factory Trello Board

sy.factory Trello Board

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