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Java Runtime Environment

To run an x.factory librarian you will need the Java Run Time Environment (JRE) Version 8, installed on your computer.

Don't panic about this need for Java. Quite a few applications use it these days, and installation via the Amazon website link given below is no more difficult than installing any other application.

If you don't already have Version 8, or a later version, of the JRE installed on your computer, which is unlikely unless you are already running Java Applications, then you will need to download and install a copy of the JRE, which you can do by following the Get Java Software Link to visit Oracle's Java download site.

Java 8 is now the minimum version as Oracle no longer provide public updates for Java 7.

If you have a 64 bit version of Windows then download and install the 64 bit JRE, which provides much better performance than the 32 bit JRE.

Mac OS X Users, please note that Apple no longer provide or support Java as a built in component of OS X. Support and development is now provided by Oracle. Apple Java 6 is now no longer supported or installed by default. I have also elected to make the minimum Java version to be version 8 as it provides additional features that make programming simpler.

IMPORTANT NOTE: x.factory librarians are not currently compatible with Java 9 and above due to a critical bug in Java MIDI Port naming on Windows platforms, which corrupts the MIDI Port names. In the meantime please remain with Java 8.

I have spent some time looking at migration to later versions of Java and have fixes ready for the issues that were stopping my applications from running on Java 9 and above (tested on Java 10). However, in my testing on Windows 10, I found that the MIDI port names being reported are corrupted with Garbage characters replacing the end of the port names, which makes these later versions of Java unusable for MIDI applications. It is fine on OS X! For now I have reverted to Java 8, and am in the process of reporting the bug to Oracle. As soon as the bug is fixed, then I can complete the migration. In the meantime please remain with Java 8.

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